Christian Drouin Pays D'Auge 1970

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Spirit Journal - Paul Pacult - June 2011 - (USA)

"The 140 Top Five-Star Spirits in the World 2011"

Calvados Christian Drouin Pays d'Auge 1970 :"The deep copper/burnished orange color dazzles the eye; sediment-free. Delicate scents of wax paper, almond, and coconut complement each other well in the initial inhalations; after another six minutes of air contact, the wax paper element fades as an oilier, fatter aroma emerges. Entry is rich, gamey, and apple strudel focused; midpalate is slightly burnt/charred and exhibits buttery apple pastry notes that have aspects of brown sugar, honey, leather, and apple butter. Ends clean, with some oiliness and in a buttery final flourish that's also nut-like. So much going on here that it's hard to follow. Majestic". - 2011 - Sean Ludford

The 10 most outstanding Spirits of 2011 

***** SUPREME "Christian Drouin Calvados Pays d'Auge 1970 : Deep, brilliant copper color. The nose deftly marries the scents of rich baked apple and sweet, freshly squeezed cider with accents of cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, red currant and clove. The palate echoes the nose as it opens dry and mildly austere with cider notes that soon broaden to offer a rich, and sweet mid-palate of baked apple and pear with hints of toffee, oak, and brown spices. Ideally balanced with great length and weight".